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Who we are

We are ViSiR. We put business and learning impact at the core of everything we do – from early assessment and design through virtual and digital learning to anchoring of new behaviors and mindsets. We help organisations navigate through uncertainty by equipping them with the skills and capabilities required to succeed in a world characterised by growing complexity and continuous change.

Alfa Laval

Learn how we generated improvements of 100% in project management knowledge and behaviour at Alfa Laval


Explore how our work helped meet business objectives and success criteria at LEGO

Leo Pharma

Dive into our co-creation of action-based learning with Leo Pharma

Multinational Law Firm

Examine how our virtual programme drove greater consistency and effectiveness across geographies in Europe and Asia

How we roll

We’re not about why, we’re all about the why not. We thrive in uncertainty and see it as an opportunity to think outside the box, to design and deliver unorthodox solutions that move people and organisations to new heights. We believe that you can’t do business today with yesterday’s tools and still be in business tomorrow – and we act accordingly.

Consulting Services

Enabling impact

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities - from early assessment and design of custom learning journeys through virtual and digital delivery to impact analytics. Designed and delivered for scalability and impact.

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In-Company Programmes

Virtual & Digital

Our in-company programmes cover a wide range of critical topics, which help clients anticipate and prepare for the opportunities and risks of today and tomorrow. Programmes are extensive deep dives with a highly-modular, interactive, and scalable approach.

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In-Company Masterclasses

Virtual & Digital

Our in-company masterclasses cover a carefully selected range of critical topics, which help clients ramp up on the most important skills of today and tomorrow. Masterclasses are intensive deep dives with a modular, interactive, and scalable approach.

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ViSiR Co:Create

Joint Value

Our Co:Create initiative leverages the accumulated brain power of leadership experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide and provides a platform for ideas validation, co:creation, and joint revenue generation - for ViSiR as well as the co:creators.

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What we're up to

Check out what else is happening inside ViSiR, what’s new, where we find our inspiration, and all the other crazy stuff we’re up to. We post regularly on social media and sometimes do a blog.

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