About us

We are a people-happy and tech-savvy crew. We lead the way, and turn ambitions into real results. We’re not about the why, but all about the why not.

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Who we are

We are ViSiR. We put business and learning impact at the core of everything we do – from early assessment and design through virtual and digital learning to anchoring of new behaviors and mindsets. We help organisations navigate through uncertainty by equipping them with the skills and capabilities required to succeed in a world characterised by growing complexity and continuous change.

David The Wolf
David Pontoppidan The Wolf

An unorthodox strategist with a talent for making sense of the unexplainable and finding opportunities when others start cursing. David is The Wolf in ViSiR. He solves problems. If you're 30 minutes away - he'll be there in 10.

David joined Mannaz and later on ViSiR after spending several years in a global consultancy. In a previous life, he served as a Lieutenant in the Army. He is passionate about digital technologies and how to apply them in innovative ways to grow, scale, and create amazing impact for businesses.

He has a background in sociology and behavioural economics, speaks and writes fluent Pashto, and does a mean karaoke version of Crash Test Dummies.

Liliya Learning Junkie
Liliya Oxtorp Learning Junkie

Liliya has a background both in academia, with a PhD researcher career in entrepreneurship and strategy, as well as from the automotive and audio industries as marketer and communicator. She has lived many different places in Europe, including its Eastern half – where she comes from. Learning has always been at the center of her life, and it makes her happy bringing it to the people - now in innovative digital ways with ViSiR.

When she is done designing learning journeys, she spends her vacations experiencing new cultures and places on Earth together with her husband and little daughter. After her family, her second loves are nature, animals, music and art.

Trish Strategic Orchestrator
Trish Meecham Strategic Orchestrator

A ‘big picture’ thinker who expertly weaves the threads of a challenge, opportunity or situation into a meaningful solution with lasting impact. An alchemist with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Trish joined Mannaz and ViSiR after a career of both in-house and external consulting roles in the Asia Pacific region. With a background in sales, she is in her element providing solutions to business issues which accelerate organisational performance.

Trish is a New Zealander and permanent resident of Hong Kong; an avid trail runner, dog lover, and adventurous global traveller.

Catherine Futurist Facilitator
Catherine Berney Futurist Facilitator

A beacon of light for possibilities in life that sometimes gets her into trouble with those who aren’t also wearing shades. As an organisational psychologist and lawyer, she is fundamentally curious about how best to help organisations be successful and grow so that they can flourish in the world.

Catherine joined Mannaz and later ViSiR after spending many years in academia. Prior to that she was a specialist aircraft lawyer. The pioneering nature of flight is perhaps a useful metaphor when describing her approach to organisational growth and facilitation; namely clarity of purpose, insight and then the sky is the limit.

She is Irish, lives in London and often sneaks away from her large, busy family to climb a mountain or meditate.

Stuart Ideas Junkie
Stuart Schofield Ideas Junkie

A playful cynic who gets a kick out working with groups. Facilitation is his first love - taking the tiniest spark of an interesting idea and watching it turn in to the wildfire of hot debate and discussion.

Stuart’s first job as a junior consultant involved the extensive use of a fax machine (yes, it was that long ago!), so he is relieved that his most recent role is to be a champion for one of the newest and most exciting technological platforms in leadership development - ViSiR

He is a an occupational psychologist by training and has spent his entire career developing leaders, first in London and then in Asia. Outside of consulting, he has spent time in the US and Uganda looking after chimpanzees, loves stand-up comedy and was once voted the second funniest person in Hong Kong (and yes, the defeat is still raw!)

Christine Learning Alchemist
Christine Dandy Learning Alchemist

The historic purpose of an alchemist was to transform ordinary metals into gold. A Learning Alchemist transforms knowledge into empowerment by creating a learning experience that engages, challenges and delights the learner.

Christine joins ViSiR as an accredited coach and experienced facilitator. Prior to joining ViSiR and Mannaz, Christine worked at London Business School as the lead coach for the Executive MBA programme. With a background in sociology and a passion for personal development, Christine is energised by helping people grow beyond their perceived limits to deliver solid results.

Christine is a proud Canadian but has made London her second home for the last 10 years. When she is not singing O’Canada or watching hockey, you can find her at her local yoga studio.

Emil Insight Designer
Emil Lindeløv Vestergaard Insight Designer

Emil makes things happen with people and organisations. He has a strong ability to engage people around him in building new skills through his enabling approach to learning. He spent several years working for a Danish consultancy before joining Mannaz and ViSiR.
You might say that Emil designs insights, constantly looking for the best possible way to help the individuals and organisations he works with achieve their goals and desired future.
He has a background in organisational psychology, a master's in coaching from Australia, and is a self-taught computer programmer. In addition, Emil is a devoted lover of fluffy animals and a world-traveller, fond of climbing the highest rock, he can find.

Lars Non Control Investigator
Lars Hansen Non Control Investigator

An analytic investigator who is listening to the world around him, while thinking – how do we solve the puzzle, and what is missing here?

Lars joined Mannaz and later ViSiR with a mission to help managers, be the accelerator that helps people find the courage to feel free of their barriers, and make the most of the possibilities that lies within them. “If every human dares to lose control, we can create something great together”. Now he will do the same in ViSiR, to secure that the digital learning experience will create the highest possible impact. Lars has spent 30 years in financial services as a manager and as an internal consultant.

He is a wine geek, and can be seen standing in vineyards around Europe looking at grapes.

Tue The Master Wizard of Learning
Tue Juelsbo The Master Wizard of Learning

A sage and a scholar interested in all things related to learning – in theory and in practice.

Tue joined Mannaz after having worked in a management consultancy, as a restaurateur, and dabbling in photography all the while researching workplace learning, creativity, and leadership development at Aalborg University. He is currently geeking out on human-machine-interface research and often helps organisations perform strategies for innovation instead of formulate them – putting the theories and grand plans to the test.

Tue has a background in medicine, fine arts, additional degrees from the Kaospilots and Copenhagen Business School, and is currently a Ph.D Scholar when he’s not casting his magic spells in ViSiR and Mannaz.

Stefanie Digital Wizz Kid
Stefanie Day Digital Wizz Kid

An energetic and unstoppable dynamo, pulling together teams and processes with endurance and perseverance, relentlessly working to find a solution to every challenge that comes her way.

Stefanie has been with the Mannaz Group since 2014, and joins ViSiR with a focus on business development. Stefanie has a first class Master’s in European Management Science and extensive leadership and project management experience. She has managed an in-house learning and development department and coordinated bespoke leadership and industry specific training.

Stefanie is a mixed bag of British and German heritage. She has her hands full bringing up two teenage girls in a digital world: What better experience could there be ?

Rikke Queen of Web
Rikke Thomsen Queen of Web

A “control freak” web project manager with a strong ability to coordinate and plan, and keep a good overview of all aspects of a website. As the Queen of Web, Rikke has her finger in everything we do, and weaves a beautiful web for the rest of us to crawl in.

She joined the Mannaz Group when Mannaz websites were version 1.0. From there, it has been a journey of redevelopment and redesign to continually improve the website. She is now looking forward to using her knowledge on the journey ViSiR is starting.

Rikke is a very reluctant chef, and HATES to cook. Instead she would rather spend time playing with her children, or practicing her short game on the golf course with her husband.

Katelynne Capable Catalyst
Katelynne Wong Capable Catalyst

A proficient and detail oriented planner who can forsee events before a need is recognized.

Katelynne joined Mannaz later Visir after spending years in office management. She has the passion to coordinate project activities, events, integrate, communicate with people, stakeholders and contractors to ensure great results.

She has a background in Business Administration, speaks fluent Cantonese, and was called Miss Arts & Crafts by her church’s Sunday School kids.

Ann Siewecke PET

The glue that holds the pieces together, Ann has been in Mannaz since 1995 and joins ViSiR with an eagle-eyed focus on coordination and operations. She is the ViSiR PET - our Powerful Executive Teamplayer (and super friendly).

She spent a decade in Sales and Marketing and another decade working with project coordination for open enrolment courses targeting the professional and executive segment.

Her background is from Copenhagen Business School, and she also holds an advanced degree from the school of life.

Michael Knight of the Round Table
Michael Myhlenfeldt Knight of the Round Table

Always preaching the imperative of good communication, Michael is a tsunami of ideas and international experience, when it comes to the fine art of getting a message across. Michael is our Knight of the Round Table. Valiant and brave. The concept of “ready state” is his horse and the target group is his sword, as he fiercely takes a swing at any film, digital learning or design assignment that comes his way. In his off-hours, Michael can be found at Copenhagen music scene, where he - a life-long guitarist, enjoys sharing his music with a crowd, aided by a roaring guitar amp.

What we do

We design and deliver digital and virtual learning. We have moved on from traditional e-learning and found a better way. A way that drives impact and positive change. We believe that digital and virtual learning applied in the right way can drive impact and positive change. By combining consulting, design thinking, and analytics we deliver engaging digital learning experiences with measurable business and learning impact at its core.

Where we come from

As part of the Mannaz Group we adhere to the Scandinavian leadership philosophy, that have become a benchmark of progressive management thinking worldwide. It has been proven that people achieve more when they feel valued, engaged and motivated. Organisations grow from the inside-out and change is driven by people taking ownership of their journey. Our Nordic heritage shapes who we are in the present, and who we will become as we envision and create the future.