Introduction to Leadership Programme

Reflect on and practice behaviours that are needed to take on the new responsibilities and meet the requirements of your leadership role

The Introduction to Leadership programme is ideal for those who would like to practice their leadership skills in a safe environment and do it at their own pace.

The programmes helps you reflect on your own strengths and development areas as a leader and it also provides answers to some of the basic questions related to being a new leader: How do you get a good start? What tools do you need? What are your strengths? How do you receive and give feedback? How do you improve your understanding of your own and others’ response patterns, and how can you deal with the specific leadership challenges you face?

Introduction to Leadership gives you the opportunity to reflect on and practice behaviours that are needed to take on the new responsibilities and meet the requirements of your leadership role.

Programme stats

The Introduction to Leadership Programme offers:

5 learning modules
22 learning opportunities
5 virtual classroom sessions
2 group assignment w/feedback
1 coaching session
17 learning hours over 4 weeks

Curriculum snapshots

Introduction to leadership theory and practice
Personality type profile (MBTI) and how to mix your personality with your leadership
Leadership behaviour in real life
Developing your employees through coaching
Situational Leadership
Creating a development plan

Value to the organization

Leaders who quickly transfer into their new roles

Leaders who possess the fundamental leadership competencies

Leaders who have insight into the patterns of response and relationships between people

Leaders with greater insight and understanding of the professional and personal challenges that are associated with being new to the leadership role

Methods and features

Learn to Learn
Leading Insights & Case Studies
Online Interactive Facilitation
Online Interactive Collaboration
Deep-Dive Problem-solving
Social Learning
Virtual Coaching
Gamification & Certificates

Value to the participant

Thorough personal and professional preparation for your new role as a leader

Training in practical leadership in a safe environment

Increased knowledge of fundamental leadership and management theory

Feedback and experience sharing

Network with other leaders who are at a similar point in their career

Overview of your strengths and development areas

Learning impact

We believe that digital learning applied in the right way can drive impact and positive change. By combining consulting, design thinking, and analytics we deliver engaging digital learning experiences with measurable business and learning impact at its core.

This is the ViSiR impact philosophy.