Leading Without Formal Authority Programme

Build your personal authority and succeed as an informal leader

An increasing number of employees have tasks where they need to act as leaders without having formal authority. Many struggle with the uncertainty that follows when you do not have the formal mandate to lead the resources you have been assigned.

What are the conditions you need to succeed in a role without having the leader’s mandate? How do you get the mandate and trust you need to lead the resources that you have been assigned? This programme will give you an overview of how to succeed in your informal role. It will help you reflect upon what you have to adapt in your behaviour and which mind-set you need to develop to succeed in your role.

You will work in groups with other participants to learn from each others experiences and develop the leadership mind-set needed to influence, motivate and inspire others.

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Programme stats

The Leading Without Formal Authority Programme offers:

7 learning modules
25 learning opportunities
6 virtual classroom sessions
4 group assignments w/feedback
18 learning hours over 4 weeks

Curriculum snapshots

What are the conditions without formal authority?
How to get the formal authority in an informal role
Organisational reality
Leadership styles
What does authority really mean?
How do you succeed with an informal approach?
Leveraging your communication skills

Value to the organization

An informal leader with greater leverage and the will to influence and motivate others

Efficient decision-making processes and prioritisations

A person with the ability to communicate clearly and constructively in the organisation

Optimised interdisciplinary collaboration across projects and teams

Methods and features

Learn to Learn
Leading Insights & Case Studies
Online Interactive Facilitation
Online Interactive Collaboration
Deep-Dive Problem-solving
Social Learning
Gamification & Certificates

Value to the participant

Insight into the essential elements needed to succeed as an informal leader

Tools to help you perform better as an informal leader

Insight and training in communication competencies

The ability to gain greater influence

Success as an informal leader

Learning impact

We believe that digital learning applied in the right way can drive impact and positive change. By combining consulting, design thinking, and analytics we deliver engaging digital learning experiences with measurable business and learning impact at its core.

This is the ViSiR impact philosophy.