New Tech Leadership Ramp Up Programme

Take a deep dive into understanding and applying new and emerging technologies in a valuable way within your organisation.

New technologies will change every part of our businesses and make it possible to reach new heights – if we figure out how to leverage them within our context. To survive and thrive, top management levels must be knowledgeable about both tech trends and have the necessary corresponding leadership practices that let them use these solutions to their advantage. Leaders must also be aware of how work, jobs and organisations will change and what both positive and potentially negative effects this will have on their people and organisations.

Last but not least, leaders need to understand how their own ability to embrace the new technology will impact how successful they are in taking advantage of new technology.

In collaboration with KPMG NewTech, ViSiR offers New Tech Leadership Ramp Up to executives and senior leaders who need an in-depth understanding of new and emerging technologies, and practical methodologies to apply them in a valuable way within their own organisation.

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Programme stats

The New Tech Leadership Ramp Up Programme offers:

7 learning modules
25 learning opportunities
9 virtual classroom sessions
3 group assignment w/feedback
17 learning hours over 4 weeks

Curriculum snapshots

New technological trends
Technology deep dives
The multispeed business
The digital organisation
The digital leader
Practicing Strategic Foresight
Practicing Design Thinking
Hands-on experimentation

Value to the organization

Leaders with a common understanding of, and language for, new technologies

Leaders with methods and plans of action to kick-start new technological initiatives

Leaders with the insights and tools to continue the technological strategic foresight

Methods and features

Learn to Learn
Leading Insights & Case Studies
Online Interactive Facilitation
Online Interactive Collaboration
Deep-Dive Problem-solving
Social Learning
Gamification & Certificates

Value to the participant

Understand the positive potential in the technological trends that will affect your specific business reality

Understand how businesses can be wired to make the most of technology trends or offset any negative consequences

Explain and lead the experimentation with new technology

Discover and plan for analysing and utilizing future technological trends

Learning impact

We believe that digital learning applied in the right way can drive impact and positive change. By combining consulting, design thinking, and analytics we deliver engaging digital learning experiences with measurable business and learning impact at its core.

This is the ViSiR impact philosophy.