Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities - from early assessment and design of custom learning journeys through virtual and digital delivery to impact analytics. Designed and delivered for scalability and impact.

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Our Services

Our consulting services effectively position clients to navigate through uncertainty by equipping them with the skills and capabilities required to succeed in a world characterised by growing complexity and continuous change.

Through our five areas of expertise – NEARsight, FARsight, FOREsight, OVERsight, and INsight – we cover the entire learning lifecycle, from needs assessment and trend analysis, through design and delivery to impact realisation.

We serve both local and global clients, and re recognized for our professional expertise across industries as well as our ability to combine structured reasoning, design thinking, and high-impact learning in virtual and digital environments.

NEARsight services encompass individual, departmental, and organisation-wide assessments of both current and desired capabilities, behaviours and beliefs inside an organisation.
FARsight services encompass industry analyses and industry-wide capability assessments to uncover trends, themes, and desired capabilities to succeed in an industry and/or market.
FOREsight services leverage the ViSiR Design Learning Impact Methodology to design virtual and digital learning journeys with high impact in mind.
OVERsight services bring together ViSiR consultants and a global network of external facilitators certified in virtual facilitation and coaching to deliver interactive and engaging learning journeys.
INsight services leverage analytics to continuously assess, benchmark, and report on progress against agreed objectives, thereby measuring real outcomes in real time.

How we work

We have developed a framework of methodologies for linking business objectives, learning objectives and learning curriculum in a way that ensures structured monitoring and follow-up on the impact of virtual and digital learning.

We call this approach the ViSiR Design Learning Impact Framework . Our methodologies build on the five core principles of ViSiR:

Structured Reasoning… Understanding the Need.

Design Thinking and Doing… Co-Creating the Solution.

Virtual and Digital Facilitation… Inspiring the Participants.

Impact Learning… Delivering the Results.

Analytics… Documenting the Impact.