OVERsight services bring together ViSiR consultants and a global network of external facilitators certified in virtual facilitation and coaching to deliver interactive and engaging learning journeys.

Virtual facilitation

We leverage our own expertise with a large, global network of facilitators certified in virtual facilitation. We are able to facilitate in most major world languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and French.

Virtual coaching

We offer expert virtual coaching by certified virtual coaches. Our virtual coaching can shape your participants' skills and awareness of strengths and weaknesses, in a way traditional coaching can't, because it can be combined with on-the-job performance. It also saves time and money, and is less intrusive to your participants' work-day than having to meet in person.

Learning Platform as a Service

ViSiR provides a highly modular, intuitive, and flexible cloud-based learning platform to support both our custom-made and corporate-wide programmes and masterclasses. We offer to host your existing learning content - providing Platform as a Service - either to supplement our learning journeys with your specific content, or to enable an easy way of building large, corporate academies without the need for IT-involvement or integration.

Our service includes infrastructure—servers, storage, and networking— as well as middleware, development tools, and database management systems, and finally upskilling your employees to become administrators who can apply analytics to learning progress in real time.

We can serve any country in the world where our clients operate, including China. Our platform is ISAE 3402 II, ISAE 3000 and GDPR compliant, comes in more than 10 world languages, and our IT-security has been audited by Deloitte.

Learning Admin as a Service

In addition to offering our Platform as a Service, we also offer to administer or convert your existing content to the ViSiR, modular approach. This also includes business intelligence (BI) services, and ongoing support of the entire application lifecycle: building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.

This way you avoid the complexity of managing large, complex LMS-systems and software licenses, and decide how much of the applications and services on our platform you want to develop.