13. March 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed by new management trends and technologies? We can help! - With our FOREsight services, we design digital and virtual learning journeys specifically for your organization. They include interactive content, professional virtual facilitation and coaching. They are IN NO WAY classical one-way online courses. - Through our OVERsight services, we deliver these digital learning journeys, customizable down to teams and individuals, and scalable across the globe. - We assess learning results in REAL TIME against agreed objectives through our INsight services.

8. March 2018

In 1910, German womens activist Clara Zetkin came up with the idea of an International Womens Day - one day every year to promote womens demands. More than 100 years later, there is still much work to be done. According to the World Economic Forum, the global gender gap won't close until 2186. Chances are, we will have a human settlement on Mars before then. In ViSiR, we dont believe that womens rights should be the stuff of science fiction. We believe in closing the gender gap now - and in celebrating International Womens Day every 8th of March. Not only to praise what has been achieved, but also to remind us all what still needs to be done. Happy IWD to everyone! #wearevisir #iwd #womensday #motivation #motivationalquotes #tech #digital #vr #virtualreality #happyIWD #quotes #dailymotivation

6. March 2018

Do you feel the world is moving too fast and the training processes in your firm can’t keep up with the need to upgrade your colleagues’ knowledge and skills? We can help! With ViSiR’s consulting services, we focus on the hottest issues affecting your organisation: - Whether it is internal 360° capability assessment of your organisation or team aimed at identifying room for improvement and making a plan for it - with our NEARsight services. - Or instead, industry analyses and industry-wide capability assessments to uncover trends, themes, and DESIRED capabilities for success – with our FARsight services. Stay tuned for more!

2. March 2018

We are super excited to announce two new additions to ViSiR team. Since we launched ViSiR in September 2017, the reception in the market has been overwhelming. So much that weve had to beef up our already awesome team with two incredible people. Liliya Oxtorp has joined us from the academic world. She wrote her Ph.D. on international entrepreneurship and strategy, or how to turn a high-tech start-up into an economically sustainable international firm. You might say, she wrote the book on ViSiRs ambition. Liliya comes with a background from Danish and Swedish universities: Lund University, University of Southern Denmark, and Copenhagen Business School. Thats where she has built her teaching experience and has gained the knowledge of what works and what doesnt in adult learning. Shes also a true automotive and audio enthusiast due to her earlier jobs in marketing with Volvo Cars, BMW and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. Michael Myhlenfeldt is a design and communication guru, who has been working with various graphical, video and audio technologies for the last 20 years. Amazingly, his expertise was originally self-taught, and led him to start his own company dealing with all types of still-, visual and audio design. At ViSiR, Michael works with designing our digital learning journeys, making them visually engaging, impactful, and memorable. He has done projects for many large Danish and international firms and organisations before joining ViSiR. One comment from a customer says it all: Forget your usual dry, scripted, staged video because [Michael] has the incredible ability to build an utterly compelling story with great imagery from even the most challenging interviews and arid landscapes. The impact of Michaels work has already been very much felt when designing ViSiRs reels and website, and now working with our large customers. We are still hiring in ViSiR. If youre a digital navigator or organisational motivator, a rule breaker and a ground shaker, head over to our main page to check out job postings, or drop us a line. #wearevisir #tgif #tech #digital #virtual #virturalreality #VR #learning #leadership #consulting #hiring #employee #behindthescenes

1. March 2018

We are super excited to announce two new additions to the ViSiR team

26. February 2018

We are hiring! We are looking for people to take the lead in designing digital learning for some of the worlds leading organisations. If youre an initiator and innovator by nature, then we want to meet you. Apply now. Tomorrow is the last day to apply. Go to link in bio. #wearevisir #mondaymotivation #motivationalquotes #tech #technology #digital #VR #virtualreality #job #vacancy #consulting #design #innovation #learning #startup

23. February 2018

Bringing you the 12 leadership trends to watch in 2018. Is your mindset in the right place as a leader? Is your organisation prepared for the changes to come? Read the article by our Group CEO, Claus Rydkjær, where he presents the 12 leadership trends that need your attention in 2018. Link in bio. #wearevisir #leadershiptrend #2018 #leadership #trend #leadershiptrend2018 #tech #digital #virtualreality #tgif #trends #motivation #motivationalquotes #VR #AI #friday #technology #future #motivationdaily

23. February 2018

No one seems to agree exactly what Automation and AI will mean for businesses and jobs. Even MIT Technology Review cannot make sense of, how many jobs will be lost or created in the coming years due to technological progress. Take a deep dive with us into understanding and applying new and emerging technologies within YOUR organisation. #wearevisir #MIT #tech #technology #job #digital #automation #AI #digital #virtual #reality #VR #startup #tgif #Friday #inspiration

19. February 2018

Stay tuned! Follow ViSiR on Instagram, LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter for more information. #wearevisir #leadership #leadershipoftomorrow #comingsoon #digital #startup #motivationalmonday #motivationalquotes #motivation #trends #leadershiptrends

16. February 2018

Happy New Year! Our Hong Kong office is out this week celebrating the Chinese New Year with more than one billion others worldwide. As we prepare to enter the Year of the Dog, we at ViSiR would like to wish good luck and fortune for all! Gung Hei Fat Choi | Gong Xi Fa Chai! #cny2018 #yearofthedog #happychinesenewyear #newyear #wearevisir #tech #tgif #startup #vr #digital #learning

12. February 2018

Read our new blogpost - How would your employees describe their latest experience with professional training offered by your firm? and find out how to address the limitations and frustrations of the existing training models. Link in bio. #wearevisir #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationalmonday #training #employment #leadership #tech #digital #VR #startup

5. February 2018

How would your employees describe their latest experience with professional training offered by your firm?

ViSiR Co:Create

We invite the accumulated brain-power of leadership experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide to come co-create with us. We provide a platform for ideas validation, co-creation and revenue generation – for ViSiR as well as the individual – by enabling experts worldwide to harness the power of ViSiR.

Ideas for new programmes and masterclasses from relevant individuals across the world are collected in pre-defined format via our forthcoming ViSiR Co:Create website. Ideas are reviewed manually, and all relevant/sensible ideas are progressed to validation.

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