5. February 2018

Are you wondering what the single best investment you can do in today's society is? According to Medium.com the answer is LEARNING. Spending 5 hours per week learning is fundamental to succeeding in our knowledge economy, yet few people realize it. Just take a look at some of the most succesful people in the world. The former American president, Barack Obama, read an hour daily in office. The best investor in history, Warren Buffet, invested 80% of his time in reading and thinking throughout his career. The worlds smartest and busiest people find one hour a day for deliberate learning. At ViSiR, we believe that digital learning applied in the right way can drive impact and positive change. By combining consulting, design thinking, and analytics we deliver engaging digital learning experiences with measurable business and learning impact at its core. #wearevisir #learning #VR #AR #virtualreality #tech #digital #consulting #designthinking #creative #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivationalmonday

30. January 2018

We are hiring - again! Are you passionate about the field of digital learning? Do you love doing something creative - every day? At ViSiR we are once again hiring, looking for creative profiles who want to design and produce the digital learning content of the future. We are a digital learning design agency with a focus on combining deep expertise in learning and development with new technologies. If you are an initiator and innovator by nature, then we want to meet you. Come join us at #wearehiring #businessisbooming #digital #technology #learning #techjobs #comeonin #digitalnavigators #organisationalmotivators #digitalagency

26. January 2018

We are hiring! Have you seen the light and are you passionate about the field of digital learning? We are looking for people to take the lead in designing digital learning for some of the worlds leading organisations. If youre an initiator and innovator by nature, then we want to meet you. Apply now:

25. January 2018

A shout-out to all visionaries of digital learning

25. January 2018

Can climojis (climate change emojis) help us to produce a more resilient society? According to Earther.com, Marina Zurkow, an environmental artist and professor, has designed a set of climate change-themed emojis to mirror the realities of today. Global sustainability, needs and ambitions. A shift in consciousness is needed and business leaders across the world are stepping up to include sustainable development at the core of their strategy and decisions. Find out how to translate global sustainability, needs and ambitions into business solutions through the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

24. January 2018

Do we have a diversity problem in the Tech industry? This years Consumer Electronics Show the tech worlds largest conference had a male dominated lineup. Artificial Intelligence is the new buzz word in the industry but suffers from a significant gender problem as AI assistants are female only e.g. Apples Siri, Amazons Alexa. Further, tech companies hire more men than women. Learn how to champion diversity and inclusion to drive innovation and growth. See more here:

22. January 2018

Today we celebrate two of our colleagues birthdays. And look what they brought homemade flødeboller (crème buns)! A true traditional Danish dessert. What a great way to start this week (and yes, these flødeboller were delicious). #wearevisir #tech #flødeboller #bluemonday #motivationalmonday #motivationalquotes #digital #dailymotivation #startup

18. January 2018

In a world of increasing demands for growth and innovation our programme Driving Innovation will prepare you for the challenges faced by leaders. Global enterprises find themselves confronted with an increasing need for innovation and business development in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Create competitive results and growth for your business through effective leadership and efficient innovation value chains. See more about the Driving Innovation Programme here:

16. January 2018

Watch the inspiring Ted Talk from Sal Khan on Lets teach for mastery not test scores. Sal Khan argues that we need to fill in our competency gaps before we move on to more advanced things otherwise, we collapse or become disengaged. At ViSiR we work with scalable learning. We apply digital and virtual learning to drive impact and positive change in organisations. Watch video:

15. January 2018

What a wonderful group of people working at the Mannaz Group. Last week ViSiR spent three amazing days together with our Mannaz Group colleagues from Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, London and Sweden at our annual Company Days. We presented the many exciting things we do in ViSiR as well as what the future holds. It was some intense but inspiring days and we cant wait to show even more of the things we can do in ViSiR. #wearevisir #startup #virtualreality #digital #tech #technical #teambuilding #motivationalmonday #motivation #motivationalquotes

12. January 2018

Look at that! We have just received our first ever ViSiR roll up from the printer. What do you think? 2018 has just started, but things are very busy. We can't wait to share even more of the many exciting things we are working on :-) #tgif #wearevisir #startup #digital #tech #virtualreality #consulting #friday #weekend

11. January 2018

The Mannaz Group is gathered in Copenhagen. Our teams in Aarhus, Hong Kong, London, Sweden and Copenhagen are all together to kick off 2018. The energy is fantastic and we can't wait to share even more about ViSiR with our colleagues. #wearevisir #technology #tech #digital #teambuilding #consulting #copenhagen

ViSiR Co:Create

We invite the accumulated brain-power of leadership experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide to come co-create with us. We provide a platform for ideas validation, co-creation and revenue generation – for ViSiR as well as the individual – by enabling experts worldwide to harness the power of ViSiR.

Ideas for new programmes and masterclasses from relevant individuals across the world are collected in pre-defined format via our forthcoming ViSiR Co:Create website. Ideas are reviewed manually, and all relevant/sensible ideas are progressed to validation.

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