15. December 2017

Tonight we celebrate our first ViSiR xmas party in central Copenhagen. No doubt, it will be a blast. Merry xmas to you all. Ho ho ho! #tgif #wearevisir #santaclaus #xmas #digital #learning #goodtimes #christmas #virtual #facilitation #agency #coaching

14. December 2017

"The problem with e-learning has been that the modules rarely move beyond a data dump of knowledge on students who are assumed to be blank slates or empty hard drives, where you can upload knowledge and then test for the success in comprehension immediately afterwards." Read the article 'Understanding the puzzle of digital learning, and how to enhance long-term impact by David Pontoppidan, Director of Corporate Development and Søren Blem, Senior Consultant:

12. December 2017

Do you want to improve the working culture in your organisation? 71% of organisations that practice design thinking report it has improved their working culture on a team level. That is why we in ViSiR have moved on from traditional e-learning and found a better way. We believe that digital and virtual learning applied in the right way can drive impact and positive change. Create a better working culture here:

11. December 2017

#Motivationalmonday Do companies that foster creativity enjoy greater market share? Yes they do. According to Adobe, companies that foster creativity enjoys 1.5 times greater market share. In ViSiR, we combine consulting, design thinking, and analytics to deliver engaging digital learning experiences. Foster creativity in your organisations. Follow the link in our bio and get creative with us. #motivationalquotes #robots #technology #tech #creativity #wearevisir #consulting #designthinking #startup #digital

8. December 2017

Rudolph getting ready to boogie. We are in a Christmas mood at ViSiR. #tgif #wearevisir #startuplife

7. December 2017

Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Fourth Industrial Revolution, crowds, and platform business models. New technologies are bringing new opportunities with them are you ready to take advantage? Go beyond inspiration and learn how to lead and integrate the right technologies and the right leadership practices in your business. Get started with our Digital Leadersip Programme here:

4. December 2017

#MotivationalMonday Are you using Instagram to share your stories? Then you are probably well underway to creating your personal brand. Did you know that you can turn your personal branding into a professional advantage? Leaders and managers must be able to manage themselves in order to manage others. Personal branding and communication have become pivotal factors in succeeding as a leader. Utilize your personal brand as a leadership tool. ViSiR offers a Personal Branding and Leadership Masterclass. Visit our Masterclass programmes. Follow the link in our bio. #motivationalquotes #personal #branding #wearevisir #digital #tech #leadership

4. December 2017

How do we efficiently scale knowledge and training while retaining impact? Find out why most digital learning propositions so far have fallen short in delivering the desired outcome when David Pontoppidan, Director of Corporate Development and Søren Blem, Senior Consultant present their belief in the future of sustainable digital learning in this article:

30. November 2017

Leaders today, perhaps to a higher degree than ever before, are constantly being tested, measured and assessed by their peers, their organisation, and the market or industry in which they operate. Turn your personal branding into a professional advantage. Learn more about our Personal Branding and Leadership Masterclass:

28. November 2017

With our Introduction to Leadership Programme we enable you to quickly transfer into your new leadership role by providing you with the fundamental leadership competencies. The Introduction to Leadership programme is ideal for those who would like to practice their leadership skills in a safe environment and do it at their own pace. See more here:

27. November 2017

#Motivationalmonday Check out our new programme: Introduction to Leadership. The programme is ideal for those who would like to practice their leadership skills in a safe environment and do it at their own pace. Introduction to Leadership gives you the opportunity to reflect on and practice behaviours that are needed to take on the new responsibilities and meet the requirements of your leadership role. Link to the programme is in the bio. #motivationalquotes #wearevisir #Monday #leadership #digital #agency #tech #motivation

24. November 2017

We are celebrating #blackfriday in the Copenhagen office with liquorice icecream, black cake and candy and - to start the weekend - a notorious beer known only as Black Gold. We have a lot to celebrate, as our digital agency start up is taking the world by storm. Have a great weekend everyone! #tgif #fridayvibes #wearevisir #startuplife #digitalagency #digital #technology

ViSiR Co:Create

We invite the accumulated brain-power of leadership experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide to come co-create with us. We provide a platform for ideas validation, co-creation and revenue generation – for ViSiR as well as the individual – by enabling experts worldwide to harness the power of ViSiR.

Ideas for new programmes and masterclasses from relevant individuals across the world are collected in pre-defined format via our forthcoming ViSiR Co:Create website. Ideas are reviewed manually, and all relevant/sensible ideas are progressed to validation.

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