26. April 2018

Research by The Economist has shown that “Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative”, . Digital and virtual technologies are of course great enablers in this pursuit. What are your thoughts on digital and virtual learning? Have you had a successful learning experience through virtual & digital media, and what has made that learning experience effective for you? Do let us know in the comments below.

24. April 2018

Programme management has been described as “one of the toughest jobs a person can hold" (Norman R. Augustine, Retired Chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation). Corporate programmes tend to be complex, lengthy and ambiguous as to the eventual outcomes. Instability within an organisation's environment often affects the results. Programme management has been described as 'playing chess'. You can learn how to be an effective programme manager and avoid high-cost pitfalls with the ViSiR digital, virtual and hands-on programme on Programme Management.

19. April 2018

The Agile way of running organisations redefines the very concept of a corporation that has prevailed for the last 100 years. “Agile obliterates the traditional management distinction between exploitation and exploration. When Agile is done right, all parts of the organization are continuously exploring how to add more value to customers. This not only creates meaning for those doing the work and delights those for whom the work is done: it results in generous returns to the organization itself.” – according to Forbes. Upgrade your knowledge of Agile with the ViSiR interactive digital and virtual learning programme

17. April 2018

“The spread of agile raises intriguing possibilities. What if a company could achieve positive returns with 50% more of its new-product introductions? What if marketing programs could generate 40% more customer inquiries? … What if twice as many workers were emotionally engaged in their jobs? Agile has brought these levels of improvement to IT. The opportunity in other parts of the company is substantial.” – according to Harvard Business Review authors Rigby, Sutherland and Takeuchi. Upgrade your knowledge of Agile with the ViSiR interactive digital and virtual learning programme

12. April 2018

Social innovation is urgently needed in many aspects of our lives. An immense area for improvement is our relationships with Planet Earth – we need to re-design our ways of living and consuming to stop destroying the nature and biosystems. Both public and private organisations are contributing to this, but MUCH more needs to be done. Design Thinking methodology can be one way to go – it applies design methods to open up people’s minds and create solutions that address the actual needs of communities, customers, or whichever other groups one works with. Check out ViSiR’s virtual interactive and hands-on courses on Design Thinking:

10. April 2018

We at ViSiR offer exciting virtual, interactive and hands-on courses on Design Thinking, covering both Design Thinking methodology and the Leadership aspects of it. What or who is all your work for? What is the purpose of it? How do you develop something that customers or whole communities really need? Discover or re-discover answers to these questions through the Design Thinking methodology, which can be used as much for social innovation, as for product innovation: Learn more here:

3. April 2018

Even though innovation has become a buzz word, most companies still struggle with instilling innovation into their everyday processes. Organisational culture is still key to either shaping innovation efforts or derailing them. Strengthening on-the-job learning practices is one way to strengthening innovation in an organisation. The other aspect is the need to lead the organisation at multiple speeds: some parts will be fine with ‘business as usual’, stable processes. While in the others, cutting-edge innovation and technology implementation are necessary. Learn about these topics in our Innovation

27. March 2018

“Deconstruct your management orthodoxies” is the rallying call of Gary Hamel in Harvard Business Review. “To fully appreciate the power of a new management principle, you must loosen the grip that precedent has on your imagination.” Do you feel like your colleagues keep on exchanging fancy management lingo, but you can’t seem to crack the code for driving innovation in your organisation? We have a programme to give you inspiration and a methodology for doing this. Our Driving Innovation Programme includes latest thinking, engaging virtual content, interactive assignments, and the flexibility you need to complete

22. March 2018

20. March 2018

You know how ‘the ability to think strategically’ is on top of desired qualities for pretty much any business role? However, what does it mean? In business schools, you might have learned comprehensive theories on “The Resource-Based View” or “The Industry-Based View” (a.k.a. Porter). Still, how is strategic thinking and planning done in practice? ViSiR presents an excellent digital and virtual programme on Strategic Thinking, with engaging digital, interactive content, virtual facilitators, and thought leadership from the best business schools and consultancies around the world. Check it out: .

15. March 2018

We are super excited to announce two new additions to ViSiR team

13. March 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed by new management trends and technologies? We can help! - With our FOREsight services, we design digital and virtual learning journeys specifically for your organization. They include interactive content, professional virtual facilitation and coaching. They are IN NO WAY classical one-way online courses. - Through our OVERsight services, we deliver these digital learning journeys, customizable down to teams and individuals, and scalable across the globe. - We assess learning results in REAL TIME against agreed objectives through our INsight services.

ViSiR Co:Create

We invite the accumulated brain-power of leadership experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide to come co-create with us. We provide a platform for ideas validation, co-creation and revenue generation – for ViSiR as well as the individual – by enabling experts worldwide to harness the power of ViSiR.

Ideas for new programmes and masterclasses from relevant individuals across the world are collected in pre-defined format via our forthcoming ViSiR Co:Create website. Ideas are reviewed manually, and all relevant/sensible ideas are progressed to validation.

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