ViSiR Co:Create

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ViSiR Co:Create

We invite the accumulated brainpower of experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide to come co-design and co-create with us.

We provide a business platform for ideas generation, market testing, co-creation, market roll-out and revenue generation – for ViSiR as well as contributing experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide who wish to capitalize on the power of the ViSiR go-to-market model and client relationships.

Step 1: Ideas Generation

Mutual NDA is agreed, and ideas for new masterclass/programme are shared and discussed with ViSiR to determine market potential before progressing to market testing.

Step 2: Market Testing

Marketing material is developed and masterclass/programme is marketed through relevant channels to test market relevance and appeal before initiating co-creation activities.

Step 3: Co:Creation

Revenue sharing contract is agreed, and masterclass/programme is co-created and detailed alongside the finalisation of additional marketing and sales material.

Step 4: Market Roll-Out

Masterclass/Programme is marketed and sold as a ViSiR masterclass/programme, and delivered to clients by either a ViSiR facilitator or the original ideator.

Don’t wait.

Life goes faster than you think. Come co-create with us.

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