1. March 2018

We are super excited to announce two new additions to the ViSiR team

5. February 2018

How would your employees describe their latest experience with professional training offered by your firm?

25. January 2018

A shout-out to all visionaries of digital learning

21. November 2017

Understanding the puzzle of digital learning, and how to enhance long-term impact

18. September 2017

We have liftoff!

3. September 2017

The ViSiR impact philosophy

1. September 2017

Traditional e-learning is dead

18. August 2017

Countdown begins!


ViSiR Co:Create

We invite the accumulated brain-power of leadership experts, consultants and facilitators worldwide to come co-create with us. We provide a platform for ideas validation, co-creation and revenue generation – for ViSiR as well as the individual – by enabling experts worldwide to harness the power of ViSiR.

Ideas for new programmes and masterclasses from relevant individuals across the world are collected in pre-defined format via our forthcoming ViSiR Co:Create website. Ideas are reviewed manually, and all relevant/sensible ideas are progressed to validation.

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